Homeschool Youth Art Program  |  Ages 5 – 15 yrs
Mon, 10:30am – 11:30am
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Throughout the school year, we will offer a special class in the morning designed for homeschooled children. The students will learn and be inspired by a different famous artist each class as they learn the elements and principles of art. Classes are for children ages 5-15 years and are 1-1.5 hours long. Children are broken up into age groups. Curriculum, teachers, and art materials.

Optional: Assist with Virtual School Curriculum
* Classes are held once a week | $60 month (supplies not included -supply kit $35) | Drop -In $25

Homeschool Youth Coding Class Ages 5 – 15 yrs

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Hour of Code for Youth

Kids need to learn new skills to prepare them for the future. Writing computer programs – has something for everyone: logic, creativity, art, math, storytelling, design and program solving. From games and toys to animations and simulation, our professional instructors will guide the group through coding real programs that can be shared on our online club website. Children are broken up into age groups.  *Requirement: Laptop and mouse 
* Classes are held once a week | $60 month | Drop -In $25