Our Classes

In a fun and engaging digital environment, a professional instructor conducts live classes usually
once per week in 30-60 minute sessions. The instructor guides the student in a uniquely curated
step-by-step lesson plan to assist in the development of creative minds

 Open Class Schedule
New project each week. OPEN to Join.

BYOJ Bring Your Own Juice Box Paint Class  | SAC ART Teen Club

BYOJ Youth and parents work together  / SAC TEEN ART CLUB work separately working on their portfoilo.

Just have fun learning, drawing, and painting!? SAFETY NOTE: Parents must paint with child (ages 4-15) NO STANDING AROUND IN STUDIO – EVERYONE MUST PAINT! Classes begin / end ON TIME!? Instructors help students create a particular painting step by step within 1-hour, while everyone is sipping on their JuiceBox, and enjoying their snacks.  ** No refunds. No Make-up Days.  Good behavior is expected… No refunds if a child is dismissed for bad behavior.

*Basic Requirements: Juice box and positive attitude

Animals & Creatures Watercolor (ages 8-16)

Over the course of 4 weeks, the teaching artist will guide the student through a variety of exercises to learn step-by-step how to expressively and effectively draw animals and creatures. They will learn in depth the anatomy, analysis, and thought that goes into the design process, and to tell a story using their imaginations to apply their knowledge.

*Basic Requirements: Drawing Pencil, watercolor set, and watercolor paper.  See store to purchase items online.

Anime Characters Step by Step (ages 7-16)

If you love drawing anime and cartoons, this is the class for you! This course includes a brief introduction to anime and cartoons as well as their history. By the end of this course, students will have mastered basic drawing techniques and practices using the elements of art (such as shape, line, color, form, etc.), understand the importance of gesture drawing to add action and proportion, and apply the anime stye and/or their own.

*Basic Requirements: Drawing pencils, sketch book, pencil, eraser, a ruler, black marker pens and colored pens or pencils. See store to purchase items online.

Introduction to Character Design & Animation (ages 9-16)

Students taking these live classes will be given individual instruction geared towards the fundamentals of animated filmmaking. This weekly, hour-per-session class will dive into a multitude of topics including software, lip-syncing, layers, and more!

* Basic Requirements: You must have Clip Studio Paint EX downloaded and installed before the first day of class. Download Clip Studio Paint EX here. Pencil2D is an alternative option but is only available for desktop,  laptop computers, tablets,  and Chrome books. Download Pencil2D here.

 Clay Sculpture for all (6+)


Open to all ages. NOTE: Children under 10 will need parental assistance for this class. Our sculpture lessons include forming, carving, collage, gluing and make use of materials such as clay, wood, soap, paper, tape, beans, foam, metal and more. Workshops are catered to a monthly theme.

 In studio or online 

At home requirements: Tub of white Crayola Air Dry Clay (minimum 2.5lbs or 1.13kg of clay), surface covering (wax paper or parchment paper), smock, small cup of water, bucket/bowl of water, old towel,  rolling pin ,plastic clay sculpting tools (on our store) OR items from around the house; toothpicks, wooden skewer, plastic fork & knife, straws, old comb, old toothbrush, coins, pebbles or stones, etc.

Live Stream Sketch n Paint Class (open to all)

Live sketching classes once a week taught by a professional artist for those wanting to develop their skills or just relax! Personalized feedback will be provided during and after class. This class is great for high school and college students who want to develop their portfolios.
* Basic requirements: Paint brushes, pencils, erasers, fine-tipped black felt pens (such as a Sharpie), sketchbook, crayons or colored pencils, and an open mind! If additional materials are needed or helpful for class, you will be notified in advance.

Painting for Singles and Couples Game n Sketch Night

Come enjoy drinks, share good company, and take your relationship to the next level. Couples come together to enjoy a night of fun painting and a “getting-to-know-you” game to complete the bond.
We also do not discriminate between couples so bring a friend, spouse, or any significant other.

* For Mature Audiences Only!
Bring Your Snacks, Great Music (Special Occasion Live Entertainment)
Note: Seats are going fast, so RSVP or Register online to reserve your seat today!

Virtual Introduction to Piano (ages 6-14)

In this 4-week beginner’s piano course, the student is introduced to the art of music. The student will begin with understanding proper posture, form, note names, and the history of the instrument. As they advance, they will learn rhythms, counting, dexterity, and the basics of reading music. After this, they have the choice to continue mastering the art of performance through group or private lessons.

* Basic Requirements: You need a keyboard (can be a midi, synthesizer, Casio keyboard, etc.) or piano. The books necessary can be purchased in our store to complete practice assignments. We recommend 5-20 minutes of piano practice daily to grow as a musician.


Fitness For Life / Fitness For All

At Home Full Body Workouts from yoga, cardio to weight training. You can start training at home any time of the day, whether you are experienced, or just getting started with this training style.

Basic requirements: All you’ll need is some space to move and you can start out with bodyweight strength exercises.


Phonics and Music (ages 4-8)

This class teaches students first and second-grade sight words through the see/say/spell/write/read approach. Exciting and diverse activities such as music, puppetry, animation, games, and other activities are used to keep the students’ involved in the learning process.

*Basic Requirements: Writing utensils (paper, markers, and pencils)