Painting A Masterpiece

Planning an upcoming field trip for your infants, toddlers, after-school or organization? Plan a  fun and educational field trip to assist in your art curriculum as well as  to improve creativity, self-esteem and social skills.

These in-person cultural experiences are more important for students so we offer a  “virtual” or an in-class setting experience. Due to social distancing requirements and to keep all guests safe, groups planning an off-site field trip will be required to follow all of the  COVID-19 safety instructions. Instructors always wear face covering  and everyone should practice social distancing.
Questions or concerns? Please call 404-919-9778 for mroe information.

Painting A Masterpiece

    The Seven Arts Center story time presentations include a variety of age-appropriate storytelling, music, singing, repetition, and movement to have fun so learning and listening become easy.

    This is an enthusiastic 30 – 60-minute interactive program of stories, music, and crafts geared toward ages 2 to 5, 6 – 8 and 9 -11.  Early literacy skills, language enrichment, repetition, rhythm, and rhyme are an integral part of this story time, which encourages learning and creativity through participation. For Age Groups  1-5 /6-8 / 9-11

    SAC Story & Music Experience is a Fun Musical Journey which is 30 -45 mins long. $10  Group Rate (12 or more children)


Why Have A Workshop  With Us?



Guided educational experience through the SAC’s professional instructors. An engaging  step-by – step instruction that’s fun and educational.


Art is that activity which manifests beauty.

  • Gain creativity observation, self-expression, focus and discipline. 

We encourage everyone to express oneself.

Providing an opportunity to develop the essential skills and talents.