Fund A Scholarship Student

Scholar PicSeven Arts Center  is now offering scholarship (a grant or payment made to support a student’s education) to Low Income  children ages 5 to 15. Despite our affordable prices, we recognize  today’s increased economic strain, and the public school budget cuts in schools has children  feeling the impact on their lives. Seven Arts Center’s goal is to make a  difference and give back to our community. We understand that participating in art and music classes teaches children discipline, how to make good judgments, solve problems and celebrate multiple perspectives.  We understand these important aspects and its important to keep children involved in positive activities or they will choose participate in illegal activities.
Shawn Smith, Scholar Recipient for SAC  Art Classes from John Vondor


As a scholarship provider, your semester scholarship provides tuition for your student as well as money to buy the required music or art books and  supplies. You will receive updates on your child including a personal note, a progress report, and pictures.


Sponsorship Packages

We are currently looking for people to help participate in our scholarship program by sponsoring one of our children in need. Our sponsorships program is as follows:

Platinum:   $200.00 a month

Gold:            $100.00 a month

Silver:          $50.00 a month

Bronze:       $25.00  a month

Open:            $Any Amount

Note: Sponsorship is a voluntary, ongoing contribution. You decide how long you are able to help.

How Sponsorship Helps

We strive to create lasting change for your sponsored child and their community through programs that focus on music, art, drama and computer training.

Are my contributions tax deductible? We are NOT a non-profit organization; therefore, there is no Tax Deduction. If you decide to become a sponsor, it is strictly to give back to a child who desires to grow in the arts and  better their lives verses being on the streets.

Who can I contact if I have any questions? You may email us at or 404-919-9778. As a child sponsor, you can also manage your account through our web site.