1. What a great concept. I am trying to get my friends together and we will PICK out DATe. Thanks

  2. I am interested in “Painting for Families” However, I noticed that the minimum amount in the party is 10. My family consists of 4 persons.

    Please advice.

  3. Had a great time with my two daughters. We painted the cutest puppy and the girls ages 9 and 12 loved it. Thanks for everything!

  4. We have changed the minimum, so feel free to call the office at 404-919-9778 to book your day and time.
    Must Pre-Register or Call to reserve for Painting for Families!
    See you soon!

  5. Just had a Pick-a day for my girlfriend and she loved it. Thanks Seven Arts Center for the
    great music, painting, and laughs. We truly had a good time! Steve

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