About Seven Arts Center

*The Seven Arts include: visual arts, literary arts, performing arts, multimedia arts, healing arts, martial arts, and culinary arts. Our goal is to cultivate creativity in each student through at least one of the seven arts. Every instructor is passionate about giving back through the arts striving to provide educational, relevant and fun programs that meets the need of every student.

Creativity brings essence and sparks into lives!
The Seven Arts Center *(SAC), founded in 2009, is a social enterprise, that takes a unique and innovative approach to teaching youth and adult of all ages.  All of our instructors have passed background checks as well as having the necessary degrees, certifications, and experience to help students achieve their goal in the workplace, personal hobby, or school.

The Seven Arts Center’s (SAC) mission is to enhance the quality of life in the Atlanta area by providing a wide spectrum of quality programs to youth and adult learners in need of training in Arts and Music at an affordable rate. The SAC center is dedicated developing creative, dynamic thinkers  and to provide competent, professional instruction in a friendly, pleasant surroundings. Our approach is  unique and innovative inviting students to foster their inner artist and self-expression.  

Art is therapeutic!
Arts has the tendency to change your life and create a positive impact in a lot of ways. Be it in the form of music or colors, arts can help you.  Seven Arts Center offers classes, workshops and camps in art, music, and computers encouraging creativity and self-expression as vehicles to build relationships, reduce stress, improve self-esteem, and increase awareness in youth and adults. Art and Music give us a new perspective on life as it awakens our souls and our minds.

Painting for Singles & Couples Mobile Paint nights and workshops are  designed to let go, open up,  and explore different aspects of your own personality as you foster your inner artist, listen to smooth sounds, and enjoy great company.