Intro to Illustrator CSS Projects

Learn the basics of Illustrator CSS through step-by-step LIVE online classes to understand the tools and concepts. Enhance Your Skills Using Layers, Artboards, Paths, Fills, & different Illustrator Techniques. Available for youth and adult.  

LIVE Spanish Group

Conversational Spanish takes you through the basics,vocabulary, sentences and words for travelers in Spain & Latin America with a LIVE instructor. Available for youth and adult.


Live Instructor available for your every need from beginner to intermediate. Learn different styles as well as the following: Beats & Fills,Building Groove, Rudiments, Songs Quickly, Developing Dynamics,, Creative Practicing and more. Available for Youth and Adults

LIVE Intro to Photoshop CSS Projects

Learn the basics of Photoshop CSS through step-by-step LIVE online classes to understand the tools and concepts. LIVE Photoshop tutorials walk through fundamentals, image editing and more.
Refine Your Skills in Projects, and build a Real Portfolio. Available for youth and adult.

Art Classes

Personalize art tutoring to your child’s needs in a LIVE environment for a more fun and interactive learning experience. Call to set up appointment times and dates. Available for youth and adult.

LIVE Vocal Lessons

LIVE Vocal lessons equip the student with the necessary technical skills for a healthy and full vocal sound.  We teach breathing, resonation, articulation, diction and even sound production. Easy, convenient and fun to connect and learn from professionals.