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Semester I: School Out - Art In Camp Breaks

2017   Fall Camp Break I – Sept 18 – 22, 2017 Fall Camp Break II – Oct 09 -13, 2017 Thanksgiving Break Camp –Nov 20-22, 2017 Winter Break II –         Holiday Camp –Jan 02 -05, 2017

Semester II: School Out - Art In Camp Breaks

2018   Day Camp – Jan 04 – 5  (Teacher Work Day) MLK DAY Closed – January 15-16 Day Camp  – Feb 19 (President’s Day) Day CLOSED – March 09 (Teacher Work Day) Spring Break Camp- April 2 -6 Summer Camp Begins – May 29  

2018 Youth Summer Break Camp

Ages 5-13 Session I:    May 29 – June 29-  Music & Art Camp  Ages 5-9 Session II:   July 02- July 13 –  Reading Enrichment Art & Music Ages 5-9 Session III: July 16 – July 27  – Math Enrichment | Art & Music      
2018 Teen Summer Break Camp Ages 9-16 Session II: July 02– July 06– Character Design Workshop| Session III: July 09– July 13  Fashion Design (Illustration)  |Session IV: July 16- July 20 – Claymation Workshop | Session V: July 23- July 27 – Design & Code Workshop |Session V: July 24- June 28 Piano  & Theory Camp

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 Hours: 7:45 am – 5:45pm Regular Day– 9am-5pm |  Tuition (Non-refundable registration fee of $25) SUMMER CAMP Session I – Weekly Tuition: $89 (Paid Bi-Weekly or Monthly) | HALF Day: $60 | Session II – IV – Weekly Tuition: $115 (Paid Weekly) Special July Workshops February 1, 2017

The Art of Music: Visual Art & Music

Session  I 5 – Week Session  -May 30 – June 30


SUMMER SESSION I: CAMP May 29 – June 29  Music & Art Camp  Ages 5-14 – Seven Arts Center of East Point Georgia ART & MUSIC BLAST CAMP!!! Join our Summer Arts Intensive Program! Participate in VISUAL Arts, instrumental music (piano, vocal, strings to drums), drama,  enrichment games (reading and math), art history, creative writing and movement, and creative clay sculpting workshops.

Younger artists have more guidance and supervision, while older campers are able to take on some responsibility and have a chance to work in the areas of their interest. Each artist designs his or her own unique summer experience by focusing on their favorite areas of interest – visual arts, theater, and a music ensemble. In addition to class time, they have an opportunity to participate in open ART studio hours, end of session art gallery and performance, special performances and talks with professionals in the artists in the industry.


Camp Quick Reminders

  • SESSION I Drop off & Pick up (8:00AM – 9:00 AM / 5:00 PM – 5:45PM) SESSION II-IV DROP OFF as early as 8:00am – Begins@9:00pm
  • Instrument (if applies)
  • Friday Camp T-Shirts ($20)

Dress Code

  • Comfortable Clothes Each weekly session  features three classes that give kids an opportunity to explore ideas of art and culture through hands-on experience with a variety of art forms.

Don't Forget

•Bring your own lunch with a drink (no warming) in containers with their names clearly written on the outside.Lunches will be stored in a refrigerator. •Bring (label) Water Bottles


Health Concerns & Allergies

•Bring 2 snacks if child has food allergies •Medication (If applies)Immunization records are REQUIRED for participation in the camp.


Students will improve their fluency, reading comprehension and increase their vocabulary. Students will develop a joy of reading and math. Students will gain the confidence necessary to confront any task. student’s strengths and weaknesses, through a customized a learning plan accordingly. Have fun learning on the computer and through enrichment games as well as art and music time. Session II:   July 02 – July 13 –  Reading Enrichment | Art & Music Session III: July 16 – July 27  – Math Enrichment | Art & Music

2017 Teen Summer Break II – Ages 9-16  July 02– July 06– Character Design Workshop Session III: July 9– July 13  Fashion Design (Illustration)  Session IV: July 16 June 20 – Claymation Workshop Session V: July 23- June 27 Foamcore House Workshop Session V: July 24- June 28 Piano  & Theory Camp

 Session II: July 02– July 06 – Character Design Workshop &   Session III: July 09– July 13  Fashion Design (Illustration) SAC Art and Design Camp (Session II & III) presents students an introduction to four areas of visual art: studio art, character design, fashion illustration and product design. These workshops are aimed at providing youth students an understanding of some of the basic principles of art and design used in constructing a variety of visual concepts for traditional work, develop a personal style and technique, learning to express your own unique vision while forming a well-rounded perspective on design. This goal will be achieved through instruction, group discussion, and hands-on experience in these disciplines of visual art and end of session art gallery and portfolio review. Session IV: July 16- June 20- Claymation  Workshop Create your own claymation animation. Make a set, mold characters out of clay and develop an animation using stop motion techniques. Take home your own DVD of your creation. Session V: July 23- June 27 Foamcore House Workshop Should I become an Architect? If you like to create things, draw, build, and like to shape people’s lives.Understand the foundations of becoming and architect and drawing a plan of the building. Sometimes architects will make a cardboard or plastic model of the building. The building is then built by a construction company which follows the directions of the plans for the building. The student will use one type of material and one cutting tool, to build an architectural scale 3D model home. Session V: July 24- June 28 Intensive Piano & Music Theory SAC Piano Camp provides beginners and intermediate with an instruction that is comprehensive and focused, and there is no audition required. At the Piano Camp, our instructional focus will be on developing the student’s musician and building good technique.  Students will receive instruction in music theory, piano literature,   The camp will conclude with a recital which all students will be able to participate in. Each afternoon, students can participate in recreational activities, movies, art, games and special guest performances.   


  • SESSION I Drop off & Pick up (7:45AM – 8:00 AM / 5:00 PM – 5:45PM)
  • SESSION II-IV DROP OFF as early as 8:30pm – Begins@9:00pm
  • Portfolio Case ($18) Art Students
  • Music Manuscript Book ($10) Music Students
  • Friday Camp T-Shirts ($20)
  • Water Bottle
  • All Art Participates     -Water bottles (to be purchased in store)     -Pencil case with pencils, crayons, color pencils
  • Registration Fee $25
  • Bring cold lunches
  • Bring 2 snacks if child has food allergies
  • Medication (If applies)
  • Immunization records are REQUIRED for participation in all day workshops.
* Open to everyone – NO AUDITION REQUIRED. LIMITED SPACE. Hours: 7:45 am – 5:45pm Regular Day– 9am-5pm |  Tuition (Non-refundable registration fee of $25) SUMMER CAMPSession I – Weekly Tuition: $89 (Paid Bi-Weekly or Monthly) HALF Day: $60 | SESSION II-IV DROP OFF as early as 8:30pm – Begins@9:00pm Session II – IV – Special July Workshops Tuition: $115 (Paid Weekly)
-QUICK FACTS- •10 weeks: 2017 Summer Music & Art Break Camp Session I -IV:  May 31 – July 28  Performances at the end of each session. •Ages 5-13/ 9-16  •Morning & Afternoon Snacks Provided •Enrollment limited to 25 students •Curriculum focuses on creativity, artistic skills, musicianship, improvisation, composition, choral singing, and more. •Weekly performances, special guests and daily activities.

Activities Include:

Activities include: •Group Music Lessons Weekly/Daily (Singing, Acting, Drum/Recorder/Piano Group, Art Portfolio) •Perform Live at session’s end. •Creative Writing – scripts, poems, stories, screenplays •Painting and Drawing – oils, water color, acrylic, gouache •Sculpture – Clay Sculpture •Printmaking – Etching, woodcut •Environmental Art – natural resources abound •Puppetry – hand made characters, perform live! (Theatre Class) •Fashion Design – Illustration and Cartooning – magazines, comics


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