1/2 Hour Monthly Music Lessons

    • Reserve your music lesson time slot when you register. Select a day and time that best fits your schedule. BI-WEEKLY slots are not guaranteed.   24-Hour Notice should be given for  reschedules. No refunds or credits for missed lessons.
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Music Group Lesson

    • Vocal Ensemble: Learn the secrets of singing solo and as a group. Together, you will develop powerful high notes and  stamina, and you will eliminate voice breaks.  You will learn to sing with the control, style, and emotion you need for today’s music, by learning right vocal technique and balanced registration. No refunds or credits for missed lessons.
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Music Theater / Drum Circle

Vocal / Acting / Drum Circle
  • Music Theater: The SAC Music Theater Group is dedicate to  performance training. You’ll acquire the tools to compete with the best in a balanced, rigorous sequence of classes in acting and voice. Ages 7-12 Drum Circle: Youth  group plays hand-drums and percussion in a circle. Have amazing fun as you learn and prepare for a end of semester performance. Age Groups: 5-7 / 8-13
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$35 First Lesson (Trial Lesson)

SEVEN ARTS CENTER offers  Voice, Piano, Drum, Flute, Violin, Viola and Guitar lessons for Children and Adults. The SAC student trial lesson combines consultation and a lesson and a consultation, prior to enrollment in individual instruction. This  opportunity is noncommittal to try an instrument or meet the instructor. Trial lessons are paid at the current rate for 30 Minutes of private instruction before they register for regular 4 to 8-week session.

J. Manley

J. Manley

Drum Instructor

L. Thorton

L. Thorton

Piano / Music Composition


O. Makeba

O. Makeba

Vocal / Musical Theater

Recorder group

J. Fredricks

J. Fredricks

Vocal / Musical Theater


C. Rascoe

C. Rascoe

Guitar / Piano

Guitar Ensemble

Drum Lessons

Youth & Adults J. Manley Learn the following: Rudiments, Reading Music,Good Practice Habit, Playing with Brushes Classic Drum Concepts, Gospel Concepts, Pop Drum Playing,  Playing the Bass Drum and Hi-Hat Within the First Two Sessions  and more. Ages 5-Adult   Other Programs: Youth Rhyme Ensemble – call for more information Junior Group – Ages 5 – 7 Youth – 8 – 16 /  

Vocal (private/groups)

Youth Group Training

Train your voice and be a better singer with a professional who provides proven techniques to transform your unique talents into a success career. We concentrate on improving your song performance, melodic, scales and jumping exercises, vocal health, technique and more. Ages 5-Adult   Other Programs: Music Theater – call for more information Junior Group – Ages 5 – 7 Youth – 8 – 16

Acoustic / Electric Guitar Lessons

Acoustic/Electric Instructor Whether you want to expand your musical abilities or to learn the basics, we have the tools to help you take playing to the level you desire. Contact us to receive lessons on the basic, guitar chords, different musical styles, music theory, and much more. Get ready recitals, auditions, competitions and the band! -Ages 6 to Adult

Music Composition

Music composition explores score analysis,practice informed listening, composing, and performing new pieces. Topics will include designing compositional shapes, elements of tension and release, musical texture,, allowing music to breathe, color and orchestration, foreground and background, communicating with performers and audiences. Each student will write at least one new piece this semester and have it presented. Ages: 9 – adult Prerequisites: A basic working vocabulary of music theory; ability to read at least two clefs. Proficiency on at least one instrument (including voice) preferred.

Piano (Private/Group)

Youth & Adults F. King Our PROs give piano lessons created with the beginner in mind. Have you always wanted to play piano, but never got around to actually getting started? Fun, Effective Instruction includes correct playing technique, how to read and write notes and rhythms, and the basics for all ages. -Ages 5 to Adult
The SAC  Piano Group is a dynamic mix – a unique experience and opportunity for youth (3rd through 10th grades) with the desire to gain the skill and confidence to use their talents to perform. Students will gain an appreciation and knowledge of classical technique and theory while also applying these techniques to popular music.  –Ages 5 to Adult

Contemporary Band

Teamwork. Every part of a team is important and contributes the process. There is amazing satisfaction in coming together as a band, working hard alongside with each other to perform a show. The SAC Band discipline you experience and practice is a foundation for discipline now and later, including college,  and  workplace. Being  part of a team  is an experience that you’ll take with you through life. Musicians must be involved in the private lessons and approved my instructor to join the SAC Band. – Free to participates. .

Take private or group music lessons today from screened professional educators.

We understand that students of all ages often learn most effectively when their experience is in a fun and interactive group setting. We are pleased to offer course in vocal, violin, drums, voice, piano, composition. The group classes provide student ‘s first steps music and support for private lessons.
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