Virtual Live Conversational Spanish

Start Speaking Spanish in Minutes.

Beginner Youth Spanish

(ages 9 - 14)
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  • $80  monthly (Optional once or twice per week)
  • *ongoing
  • (ages  9 – 14)
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Beginner Adult Spanish

Virtual Classes (ages 15 - 80)
  • Choose your day and time
  • $80  monthly (Optional once or twice per week)
  • *ongoing
  • (ages  15 – 80)
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Virtual Lessons:
SAC Conversational Spanish Course includes 5-8 consecutive weekly classes (barring major holidays). Classes meet once a week for 1 TO 1.5 hours online. Our curriculum of our language program is built for groups of three or more students.

Learn at your own location. Our instructors will connect with you online through classroom link (video+chat). Just Click and begin!

Learn at your own pace.  Our Private Lessons allow you the freedom of not being pressured or held back by a group. Some people learn slower, others faster.
Students with learning disabilities are also welcome.

Optional: Choose what you want to learn first. You can request to focus on a specific area of the language: reading and writing only, business communication only, conversation only,  etc.

Create your own schedule. Cancellations & rescheduling are allowed with a 24-hour cancellation as stated in the policy. Never loose a class and receive a credit! We understand student and business people have hectic or changing schedule so this is a great option.

Spanish VIRTUAL Lessons




1. Better understanding of English 2. Knowing your neighbors 3.  Travel  4. Cultural understanding 5.  It’s easy and Spanish is one of the easiest foreign languages to learn. 6. Spanish is the most widely taught second language in the United States.

SAC Conversational Spanish is organized in a group setting or around one-on-one LIVE tutoring sessions that provide an understanding of the language while immersing you in the cultural context and the experiences of everyday Spanish. The end result is to be able to have a realistic conversation between native speakers that uses all the words and structures to be learned in the session. We have classroom and virtual lessons available.

Choose Your Session:

  • Intro  Spanish                  Tuesday    6:30pm – 7:30 Beginner 1 |   8:30pm – 9:30pm     Beginner 1
    (Virtual Class)                                                   (ages  9 – 14)                  (ages  15 – 80)

    Intro Spanish                 Thursday  6:30pm – 7:30 Beginner 2 |   8:30pm – 9:30pm      Beginner 2
    (Virtual Class 15+)                                             (ages  9 – 14)               (ages  15 – 80)

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Conversational Spanish for teens and adults to learn, converse and understand the language in a professional environment. (End of Program Conversational Review, Quiz and Certificate))

Course objective:

·             To introduce you to the basics of Spanish language

·             To make you more aware of the complexities of languages and be able to articulate this awareness.

·             To give you an advantage in the classroom and  future career

·             To enable you to communicate with Spanish people directly in the language.

·             To enhance global understanding and personal interest in Latin-American countries and cultures