Painting A Masterpiece
Field Trips &
Weekly Art Classes


We bring the ART EXPERIENCE to you! Planning an upcoming field trip for your infants, toddlers, after-school or organization? Plan a  fun and educational field trip to assist in your art curriculum as well as  to improve creativity, self-esteem and social skills. OR, set up weekly art classes at your organization or online (for homeschooling), we have a plan for you!


Enrichment classes are offered to aid your organization  in art and music. Bring creativity into your homeschool program, academy or organization with an art curriculum. Click BELOW and go to classes for organizations

These in-person cultural experiences are more important for students so we offer a  “virtual” or an in-class setting experience. Due to social distancing requirements and to keep all guests safe, groups planning an off-site field trip will be required to follow all of the  COVID-19 safety instructions. Instructors always wear face covering  and everyone should practice social distancing.
Questions or concerns? Please call 404-919-9778 for mroe information.

Painting A Masterpiece

    The Seven Arts Center story time presentations include a variety of age-appropriate storytelling, music, singing, repetition, and movement to have fun so learning and listening become easy.

    This is an enthusiastic 30 – 60-minute interactive program of stories, music, and crafts geared toward ages 2 to 5, 6 – 8 and 9 -11.  Early literacy skills, language enrichment, repetition, rhythm, and rhyme are an integral part of this story time, which encourages learning and creativity through participation. For Age Groups  1-5 /6-8 / 9-11

    SAC Story & Music Experience is a Fun Musical Journey which is 30 -45 mins long. $10  Group Rate (12 or more children)


Why Have A Workshop  With Us?



Guided educational experience through the SAC’s professional instructors. An engaging  step-by – step instruction that’s fun and educational.


Art is that activity which manifests beauty.

  • Gain creativity observation, self-expression, focus and discipline. 

We encourage everyone to express oneself.

Providing an opportunity to develop the essential skills and talents.