SAC Homeschool

Art Enrichment Programs


4 Lessons per month 45- 1.5 classes 


We offer a wide variety of programs for homeschool families. We have weekly homeschool groups including visual art, music, musical theater/vocal, and coding. Home school online is available>

Level - Beginner to Intermediate

Grades k – 12 are open to participate in programs.

Fall Sessions Start September 1st

Registration is OPEN


Course Offerings

Every Wednesday  @10:00 am or 1:30pm

Monthly (4 week)

Our vision is that every student in every student has the opportunity to learn computer science, just like biology, chemistry or algebra. 


Every  Friday @10: 00 am or
1:30 pm

Monthly (4 weeks)

Based art curriculum, covers art elements
and principles, art history, creative self-expression
cultural appreciation, right-brain drawing techniques.


Afternoon Classes ART &
Music Groups

Monthly after 4:00pm

Seven Arts Center offers a variety of classes in music, theater, and visual arts for all ages and skill levels. 

$60 -$89


Planning an upcoming field trip for your infants, toddlers, after-school or organization? Plan a  fun and educational field trip to assist in your art curriculum as well as  to improve creativity, self-esteem and social skills.


Participate in VISUAL Arts, instrumental music (piano, vocal, strings to drums), drama,  enrichment games
reading and math), art history,  STEAM, creative writing and movement, creative clay sculpting workshops and more.


What Our Students Say

The art teacher is great. Teaching my children not only the elements of art, but the history of art. I like that!

Jane Doe

Children Art Class

The  teacher encourages the students to  learn . My child is never bored.

Arnold Smith

Coding Group